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Owen Pitt is the soon to be the best-selling author of Six Inch Nail (it must be true, his mum told him so….) the thrilling rollercoaster tale of a vigilante sociopath from Essex.

It’s important not to confuse this Owen Pitt with the gun-toting, monster hunting, all-round bad-ass Owen Zastava Pitt who is the hero of the excellent Monster Hunter series of books by the equally excellent Larry Correia (really, if you haven’t read them, give them a google. They’re a totally different genre of book but they’re nearly as good…) The two Owen Pitts are easy to tell apart as this one has no guns, lives in the UK and is under 6ft tall.

When he’s not writing the best books ever to grace the book-shelves, Owen works as a Financial Controller for a Building Company in Essex.

Born in the 1960s, Owen left school at 16 to become a trainee manager at Presto Supermarket on the Roman Road in Bow.

Since then, Owen has served in both the French Foreign Legion and the British Army, has picked tomatoes in the Negev desert, carried bricks up and down ladders and sold vacuum cleaners to American soldiers in Germany. He’s also worked as an Estate Agent, a money broker and a Financial Adviser (and too many other things to bore you with here).

Owen lives with his first wife, his beautiful two daughters and his malodorous dog, Bonzo. When he’s not working or writing, Owen likes to try out new experiences and his past-times which have included, at one time or another, Morris Dancing, Judo, Badminton, playing the guitar and playing rugby (of which he still takes a run out from time to time), but mostly just going up the pub.

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